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Vacuum angle clamping device

alkus® solid plastic panels have been very successful in the market for 20 years. They are mainly used as concrete formwork, as they offer more advantages than timber panels in this field – much longer service life, identical material repairs and excellent concreting results. The positive characteristics of alkus® panels also ensure their application in numerous other areas.

alkus® AG has now specifically developed a unique solution to meet the demands of precast concrete components: a vacuum angle clamping device that allows individual formwork elements consisting of alkus® solid plastic panels to be positioned as desired on a formwork table – similar to a magnetic holder system on a steel panel.

This enables the simple and extremely flexible casting of precast components – including large, jointless surfaces – without rust, without repair problems and without visible magnet marks on the surface. Development partner is J. Schmalz GmbH, a leading provider of vacuum technology.

Application Vacuum angle clamping device

  • The vacuum angle clamping device is fixed into position on the alkus® base panel using vacuum technology
  • The vacuum angle clamping device uses the same technology to hold the formwork in position
  • Even vertically cast components can be easily produced using mechanical support elements
  • Additional mechanical fixings available

Product highlights

  • Two separately controllable suction areas (horizontal/vertical)
  • Integrated manometer
  • Central vacuum connection
  • Robust sealing elements
  • Additional threads at the sides and face edges

Your advantages

  • alkus® solid plastic panels are more durable than plywood and less expensive than steel
  • The vacuum angle clamping device is as flexible as a magnetic holder system – but without the wellknown disadvantages, such as rust, limited repairs, visible magnet marks on the surface, etc.
  • Large, jointless surfaces are possible by equipping steel formwork tables with alkus® solid plastic panels – ideal in combination with the vacuum angle clamping device
  • Damage or holes in alkus® solid plastic panels can be easily repaired with identical material
  • Simple operation and inspections, easy to reposition, robust finish

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Due to their longevity alkus® solid plastic panels are one of the most economical solutions for concrete construction and enable up to   1,500 uses with just 1 panel – this means less re-facing.

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7 year long-term warranty

Since the year 2000 alkus® solid plastic panels have been proving their value in the construction industry. This is the reason why alkus® solid plastic panels come with a 7 year long-term warranty on key technical properties:

  • No surface irregularities (ripples) - guaranteed
  • No formwork-related discolourations - guaranteed
  • No rotting - guaranteed
  • No delamination - guaranteed
  • No wraping - guaranteed
  • No UV damage – guaranteed

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