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All advantages of the formwork panel from alkus at a glance

Profitable for years to come

alkus® solid plastic panels enable up to 1,500 uses – that is thirty times more than most plywood and up to six times more than many other plastic panels.

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Easy to repair without any loss of quality

Scratches, holes or perforations: alkus® solid plastic panels can be repaired quickly and easily using identical material. This means: the unique repair solution helps to retain the technical properties of the panels – there are no vulnerable weak spots!

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Versatile: rigid yet flexible

alkus® solid plastic panels are rigid but can be bent, shaped and formed quite easily. This ensures the simple production of special concrete forms – curves, corners and even trapezoidal shapes.

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Easy to handle

alkus® solid plastic panels can be nailed, screwed and cut just like plywood.

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Quick and easy panel cleaning

alkus® solid plastic panels can be cleaned quickly and easily after application – even using a high-pressure washer with up to 1,000 bar / 14.000 psi operating pressure.

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Top quality exposed concrete

alkus® solid plastic panels enable perfect element joints and excellent concrete surfaces corresponding to exposed concrete classifications.

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– up to 1,500 uses with 1 formwork panel

Nailing, sawing, drilling – the alkus® solid plastic panel can be used as easily as plywood – and it offers more. The composite sheets from alkus can be repaired without any loss of quality using identical material and they enable welding, bending and forming. In addition they are impervious to moisture.

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