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From formwork manufacturers to the precast concrete unit industry and architects

Ward block Graubünden cantonal hospital in Chur (CH)

Long-lived formwork panel for 586 prefabricated parts

Office complex near Kempten im Allgäu (DE)

Formwork that can be repaired with identical material enables high-quality exposed concrete surfaces

Construction of the temporary bridge at motorway junction Lotte/Osnabrück, © Rekers Betonwerk GmbH & Co. KG

Replacement bridge on the A30 motorway spanning the A1 motorway at junction Lotte/Osnabrück (DE)

Reusable formwork for 36-metre precast units

The procedure is always the same: initial assembly of the internal wall formwork, installation of blockouts, placement of concrete reinforcement and integration of electrical and water ducting.

Housing construction in Brazil (BV)

600 instead of 25 uses

The curtain façade of brilliant white ensures privacy and the perforation, high transparency

Housing complex in Helsinki (FI)

Thin and stable structural building components of fibre-reinforced concrete


Office and commercial building Tic Tric Trac (CH)

alkus® enables jointless precast concrete units.

Mobile formwork carriage enables on-time completion. The alkus® form lining GM 6 appears as good as new even after 20 uses.

Blessberg Tunnel (DE)

Better results and less costs

Thanks to the alkus® solid plastic panel, 153 storeys of the tallest building in the world were concreted without having to replace any panels.

The Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai (AE)

No re-facing required and flawless concrete surface

Library & Learning Centre, Vienna University of Economics and Business (AT)

No re-facing required and flawless concrete surface

The Unstruttal Railway Bridge near Karsdorf (DE)

Smooth and jointless component surface without any re-panelling

The construction site: The new hall 1 is under construction in St. Gallen. | © alkus AG

Olma Neuland project St. Gallen (CH)

Faster formworking, superior results

The construction site: The new hall 1 is under construction in St. Gallen. | © alkus AG

ABMC Visitor Centre project in Margraten (NL)

Spectacular surfaces without gaps and holes

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