Replacing a section of an alkus® formwork panel

alkus® solid plastic formwork panels are extremely robust, resistant and durable. However, despite this fact, a large area of a panel may become damaged due to the harsh conditions on site. But this does not mean that the entire panel has to be replaced, as is the case with conventional formwork panels. Due to the material composition and weldability of alkus® panels, individual sections of a panel can be replaced in the frame.


How to replace a section of a formwork panel

A section of the panel is always replaced from one vertical side of the frame to the other. Along a previously attached guide rail, the damaged section is initially cut out, the rivets are then drilled out and the damaged section of the panel is removed. The new section can then be cut to size. No special tools are required for this task, as a standard woodworking saw is ideal for cutting the alkus® panel. The undamaged part of the panel is chamfered before inserting the new section so as to create a sufficiently large area for subsequent welding. Before the new section is inserted into the frame, silicone must be applied to the frame contact surface. The same procedure is followed when installing a completely new panel into any formwork system. The new section can then be inserted and riveted in place. All that remains to be done is to weld the panel joint with the help of an extruder and to remove and extract any excess material. The panel is then immediately ready for the next formwork application.

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