Versatile in formwork construction - alkus® solid plastic panel


alkus AG supplies solid plastic formwork panels: the alkus® solid plastic panel, was awarded "Product of the Year 2023". Its properties make it the perfect companion for all types of construction projects, even where exposed concrete quality is required. It is robust, durable and even sustainable - over 1,500 applications with one panel have been recorded. Together with customers and partners, alkus AG was once again able to complete a wide range of successful projects this year.

alkus® formwork panel in application

One of this year's major projects was the construction of the ABMC Margraten visitor center in the Dutch-American cemetery. The project design came from the Dutch Kaan Architects and placed special demands on the concrete walls: they were not allowed to have any joints or anchor holes. By welding the panels together, it was possible to create a smooth surface with a seamless concrete structure. That was possible thanks to a special repair method in which the polypropylene surface material is welded onto the panel. This allows scratches, holes and even elements that hold the formwork panel on the frame to be closed, creating a concrete surface without gaps.

Flexible use: alkus® in special formwork construction

Another construction project in which the alkus® formwork panel proved its worth was the construction of the "Am Aubuckel" bicycle tunnel on the grounds of the Federal Garden Show in Mannheim. The special requirements here were the concave shape and the trumpet-shaped curves of the underpass. The alkus® SF Flex is suitable for such projects: a variant of the all-plastic panel that is particularly flexible and therefore also masters the challenges of special formwork construction, where conventional multilayer wood panels reach their limits. "The alkus® SF Flex was specifically designed for particularly demanding construction projects in special formwork construction. Thanks to its flexibility, no cracks form even during extreme bending that could show in the concrete," explains alkus Managing Director Michael Tschenett. The alkus® SF Flex was developed in 4 millimeter thickness for the BUGA tunnel in collaboration with special formwork builder Kiefer Schalungsbau. It is also available in thickness variations of 3 and 5 millimetres and can also be supplied in large format.

Durable and sustainable

The alkus® formwork panel not only impresses with its versatility, but also with its durability and sustainability. Its resistance to water, UV light and rotting as well as the material-like repair ensure that the formwork panel even outlasts the steel and aluminum frame. Since the product was launched in 2000, alkus® formwork panels from back then are still in use today. But for alkus AG, the long service life of its formwork panels is not the only decisive factor in terms of sustainability. The company is committed to the circular economy and strives to minimize the consumption of raw materials. To achieve this goal, alkus relies on measures such as the use of short delivery routes and conscious waste and recycling management. In addition, production achieves a disposal rate of almost 0%: Production waste is recycled and fed back into the production process. The company is also working on an efficient recycling process for used panels, in which valuable components and raw materials are recovered and reintegrated into the production cycle.

Product of the year 2023

A major success for alkus AG in 2023 was being named Product of the Year in the "Construction" category of the Baugewerbe Magazin readers' award. This means that the innovative properties and customer benefits of the alkus® formwork panel are well recognized in the construction industry. Although the company is grateful for this recognition, it is not resting on its laurels. As a member of INNONET Kunststoff, a network for companies and experts in the plastics value chain, and the Güteschutzverband Betonschalungen, alkus AG continues to promote innovation, sustainability and outstanding performance in the construction industry.

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During the construction of the ABMC visitor center in Margraten, the alkus® formwork panel ensures a smooth concrete surface without gaps or holes. | © alkus AG

The "Product of the Year 2023" award was accepted by Dragana Kovacic, Marketing Manager of alkus AG, and Michael Tschenett, CEO of alkus AG. (from left to right) © WEKA Business Medien GmbH/Andreas Schebesta

The 40-metre-long tunnel over the high-speed cycle path on the BUGA 23 site was built using the cut-and-cover method. | © Kiefer Schalungsbau GmbH

The alkus® SF Flex - suitable for particularly demanding projects in special formwork construction and is available in 3, 4 and 5 millimeter thicknesses. | © Kiefer Schalungsbau GmbH

The properties of the alkus® formwork panel make it a durable and sustainable product. It can be used more than 1,500 times. | © alkus AG