alkus AG expands its range by a further panel thickness and introduces a new panel design.


The manufacturer of solid plastic formwork panels alkus already offers an aluminum-reinforced variant in nine different thicknesses between 10 and 27 millimetres. A new addition is the alkus® AL 11 solid plastic panel with a thickness of eleven millimeters. These and all other alkus® panels also have a new design: they cannot be confused with an alkus logo applied by laser.

alkus® AL 11: more precision in concrete construction

The alkus® AL 11 solid plastic panel was specially developed for Hünnebeck's Topec frame to further optimize the fitting accuracy between the formwork panel and frame. "Previously, alkus® AL 10 or AL 12.9 were used for the Hünnebeck system. The advantage of the new panel thickness is that it fits into the Topec frame with millimeter precision and therefore enables better formwork results," explains Michael Tschenett, Managing Director of alkus AG. "Users of other formwork systems can also benefit from the AL 11." Bolted from behind, it can withstand a tensile force of 150 kilograms, comparable to a riveted plywood panel. Like all other alkus® formwork panels, the AL 11 is also durable because, unlike wood, it is resistant to environmental influences such as moisture and UV rays and can be repaired with identical material. Just like plywood, it can be nailed and screwed.

Instantly recognizable - laser marking of the alkus® solid plastic panel

In addition, the previously discreet gray alkus® formwork panels made of solid plastic are given a new look: With the help of a laser, the alkus logo and information on the date and plant of manufacture are added. This additional information speeds up processes in warranty cases because the panel can be identified more quickly. "We supply the alkus® formwork panel with a 7-year guarantee against rotting, rippling, discoloration and delamination. The guarantee also covers flexural rigidity and UV resistance," explains Michael Tschenett. "An important criterion when branding the alkus® solid plastic panel was that it can still be used for shuttering from both sides," he explains. The laser branding has no effect on the concrete quality - so the alkus® retains its advantages and offers high-quality surfaces without gaps or holes.

Exclusivity for alkus partners

alkus partners will have the opportunity to use laser marking on alkus® panels in the future: From an order quantity of 1,000 square meters, the formwork panels can be provided with their own logo. The benefits of this include sustainable advertising wherever the alkus® solid plastic panel is installed. This is because the laser branding is durable and can withstand high-pressure cleaning without any problems.   

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Durable alternative to plywood formwork panels: the alkus® solid plastic panel - now also available as AL 11 with a thickness of 11 millimeters. | © alkus AG

alkus® formwork panels get a new design: they are labeled with a logo and other information using a laser.  | © alkus AG