The ideal Formwork panel for the precast concrete unit industry

The serial production of steel form systems is usually only economical for very large production runs. Timber is susceptible to rot and weather damage and fails to achieve the required number of re-uses. alkus solid plastic panels on the other hand meet all the demands of precast unit production and provide a number of extra features. 

Resistant and easy to repair without any loss of quality

The service life of alkus solid plastic panels is roughly thirty times that of plywood panels, as their higher level of resistance obviously guarantees less wear. Furthermore, alkus solid plastic panels can be repaired with identical material without any loss of quality – usually quite easily and directly in the factory.
This means: a form can be repaired and used time and time again – without the quality being compromised. Less labour-intensive re-panelling – less expensive new panels.

Any shape or size

alkus solid plastic panels are produced in a continuous process and can be supplied in various sizes and thicknesses to meet your requirements. Furthermore, the panels can be welded together, ensuring the creation of almost every size on-site. The flexibility of alkus solid plastic panels also ensures the simple production of special concrete forms - curves, corners and even trapezoidal shapes can be achieved quickly and easily.

Exposed concrete quality for every application

Before and after repairs or after skilful welding and finishing, alkus solid plastic panels guarantee excellent concrete surfaces corresponding to exposed concrete class SB 4. They are the ideal formwork panel for exposed concrete projects, as they prevent surface irregularities (ripples/shallow troughs) and facing-related discolouration of the concrete surface. In the precast concrete unit industry, alkus solid plastic panels have an excellent reputation for guaranteeing efficient large-scale production and perfect products.

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Due to their longevity alkus® solid plastic panels are one of the most economical solutions for concrete construction and enable up to   1,500 uses with just 1 panel – this means less re-facing.

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7 years long-term warranty

Since the year 2000 alkus® solid plastic panels have been proving their value in the construction industry. This is the reason why alkus® solid plastic panels come with a 7 year long-term warranty on key technical properties:

  • No surface irregularities (ripples) - guaranteed
  • No formwork-related discolourations - guaranteed
  • No rotting - guaranteed
  • No delamination - guaranteed
  • No wraping - guaranteed
  • No UV damage – guaranteed

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