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The alkus® solid plastic panel is extremely robust and durable. It lasts up to 30 x longer than plywood. Solid plastic panels can therefore be rented out more often than other types of panels – leading to increased profits and competitive advantages! Furthermore, time-consuming subsequent calculations are avoided. This not only saves time and energy, but, above all else, guarantees customer satisfaction, thus securing follow-up contracts.

On top of everything else, damaged formwork panels can be repaired without any loss of quality and then hired out again. alkus solid plastic panels also prove beneficial in terms of storage: they can be safely stored outdoors without any loss of quality.

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Due to their longevity alkus® solid plastic panels are one of the most economical solutions for concrete construction and enable up to   1,500 uses with just 1 panel – this means less re-facing.

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7 years long-term warranty

Since the year 2000 alkus® solid plastic panels have been proving their value in the construction industry. This is the reason why alkus® solid plastic panels come with a 7 year long-term warranty on key technical properties:

  • No surface irregularities (ripples) - guaranteed
  • No formwork-related discolourations - guaranteed
  • No rotting - guaranteed
  • No delamination - guaranteed
  • No wraping - guaranteed
  • No UV damage – guaranteed

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