Installation in MEVA formwork systems

The formwork panel from alkus can be installed simple and practical - in each formwork system, regardless of manufacturer. It can be riveted to the frame, but also screwed from the front or the rear.
Also if the frame needs repair and the skin needs to be removed, the alkus® plastic panel can be reused. alkus® can be  removed easily and installed again after the repair of the frame.
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*Notice: The brands Doka, Hünnebeck, MEVA, NOE, PASCHAL, PERI, RINGER and ULMA as well as the related products Dokadek and Framax; MANTO, RASTO and TOPEC; Mammut 350 and MevaDec; NOEdeck and NOEtop; Logo3 alu; MAXIMO, SKYDECK and TRIO; ALU MASTER and RINGER DEK 30 as well as LGW are the property of third parties.

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Due to their longevity alkus® solid plastic panels are one of the most economical solutions for concrete construction and enable up to   1,500 uses with just 1 panel – this means less re-facing.

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7 year long-term warranty

Since the year 2000 alkus® solid plastic panels have been proving their value in the construction industry. This is the reason why alkus® solid plastic panels come with a 7 year long-term warranty on key technical properties:

  • No surface irregularities (ripples) - guaranteed
  • No formwork-related discolourations - guaranteed
  • No rotting - guaranteed
  • No delamination - guaranteed
  • No wraping - guaranteed
  • No UV damage – guaranteed

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