The global spread of the coronavirus has a massive impact on the economy. We, as an internationally active company in the construction industry, are also affected, as are our customers and partners.

But especially in these challenging times we would like to assure you: We continue to produce at two separate locations and keep our offices open so that order processing is not endangered. Our readiness to deliver is assured!


Together we can achieve more

But of course, in this exceptional situation it is not only about business continuity. alkus is also making a contribution to meeting the corona challenges: our development company alkus GmbH has made part of its technical centre available. Within less than a week, a German company offering various products, processes and services in the fields of water treatment and disinfection systems was able to set up its systems there. Since the beginning of April, up to several thousand litres of urgently needed disinfectant have been produced daily on the provided area. 

Through this measure we want to fulfil our responsibility towards you and society in these times of crisis. Stay healthy!